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Welcome to Good Thyme Oils wholesale program! Good Thyme Oils is dedicated to highest quality essential oils and health products available. Our moto is "caring". we care about our customer and the quality of our products. We feel that everyone should be able to afford good health and vitality lifestyle. Good Thyme oils was open for just that purpose. To provide essential oils and product at a  available price. We are very exciting to offer the lowest price and highest quality 100% pure unadulterated essential oils to you now as a wholesaler.  As a wholesaler, you can resell Good Thyme Oils products and make a 50% profit. The products can be resold at retail outlets or at your professional office. 


To qualify to be an wholesaler, you must agree to the three wholesale keys. Marketing, Distributing and Selling Good Thyme Oils products in a retail locations. A person reselling is required by your state to have a resale permit and business license. For professional such as aromatherapist, practitioner, massage therapist and chiropractors must provide documentation of profession and  agree to use Good Thyme Oils products in your office or professional settings. Since internet marketing is the most preferred way of selling products,  If your using your own personal website, please contact us at customerservice@goodthymeoils.com for approval. Wholesalers that are using websites to sell Good Thyme Oils products, will not be approved without acknowledgement of Good Thyme Oils compliance department.

When you are approved as a wholesaler, you will receive an e-mail welcoming you to becoming a wholesaler and your discount wholesale code. This code MUST be applied during check out to receive your 50% off.  All wholesalers must purchase a minimum of $150.00 per order. To keep there wholesale statics. Wholesaler also MUST place orders at least once per-month to stay as a active wholesaler.

All Wholesale discount pricing will be automatically applied to approved member at check out with their wholesaler code. Purchase cannot be combined with any other discount such as sales or give always. All Wholesalers pricing excludes:  items that are Oil Cases, Diffusers, Essential oil vials and educational Book categories.

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Our goal at Good Thyme Oils and Health Products  is to bring you the highest quality essential oils and health products. At Good Thyme we have the motto  " WE CARE". We care about our customers and how our business  positively impacts their lives. By selling the highest quality products at  affordable prices,  it gives our customers the financial freedom  to live a better and healthier life.


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