What are Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils aren’t actually oils. They do not contain fatty substances that you would normally associate with an oil. However, because they readily mix with carrier oils, they gained the name essential oils.

So, what is an essential oil?

The name essential oil comes from the word essence, or spirit. It was once believed that essential oil was the literal spirit of the plant. The oil contains the most vital healing aspects of the plant, so it is easy to see why many believed this.


Essential oils are a highly concentrated plant extracts that are aromatic. The oils are derived from bark, flower petals, fruit rinds, leaves, roots, tree resins, and/or seeds that come from the plant themselves. Nearly every civilization has used essential oils in some form ranging from ceremonies, medicine, religious rites, and perfumes. Essential oils are concentrated complex chemical constituents that act on your body in different ways.  For centuries, Natural Healers have used herbs and essential oils to help maintain health and vitality.

The way essential oils are made is most often through a process of steam distillation. It takes an enormous amount of plant material to produce a minuscule amount of essential oil. Then through a carefully monitored scientific process using water, heat, and plant product, the essential oil is extracted. Essential oils are powerful healers and should be used with care. A little bit goes a long way. A rule of thumb when working with essential oils: use the smallest amount needed for the effect desired. With essential oils, less is more. When properly used, essential oils can bring wonderful benefits that can give life and health to you and your family.

One note to remember, despite what you might have heard, if you are allergic to the plant an essential oil comes from, you will be allergic to the essential oil. If you have a negative reaction, discontinue use. (Getting a flaming red rash does not mean the oil is working. It means your skin is irritated.)

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