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Welcome to Good Thyme Oils Preferred Customer sign in page. Good Thyme Oils is dedicated to highest quality essential oils and health products available. Our moto is "caring". we care about our customer and the quality of our products. We feel that everyone should be able to afford good health and vitality lifestyle. Good Thyme oils was open for just that purpose. To provide essential oils and product at a  available price.


When you are approved as a Preferred Customer, you will receive an e-mail welcoming you to becoming a Preferred Customer and your discount code. This code MUST be applied during check out to receive your 20% off. 

To qualify as a Preferred Customer, you must agree to the following Rules, Terms and benefits of service.

1. Preferred Customers must spend a total of $34.99 per order.

2. Must order at least once per month.

3. Discount does not apply to any other offers such as sales or promotions.

4. The Preferred Customer code can not be shard with other customers. If the code has been found to be used

    by other customers, the account will be canceled.

5. Preferred Customers will receive first time access to all new products one month before release.

6. All Preferred Customers will receive a free 10 minute consultation once per month with a Master  


7. All Preferred Customer must adhere to Good Thyme Oils code of conduct. Conduct Rules are as follows.

    * Never give out advise written or verbal about using essential oils for any condition.

    * All web sites selling Good Thyme Oils products must never make medical claims on their web site or  

      associated social sites.,

    * Never attack or make accusation about other essential oils companies written or verbal..

    * At Good Thyme Oils we have a  company motto "We Care " Everyone is special and deserves respect and

      love whether they are with Good Thyme Oils or another essential Oil company. We must always use the

      Gold Rule.






Lora Christopher

I love being a preferred customer! I save 20% on ever order and I don't have to wait for a sale.

Jennifer Thacker

Being a preferred customer is the BEST! I don't have to wait for a sale to save on my order. I refer everyone to Good Thyme Oils. Thanks.

David Miller

I order essential oils at least once a month for my family. Since I have become a preferred customer, I have saved over $320.00. Thank you Good Thyme Oils for caring about your customers.

Our Story:


Our goal at Good Thyme Oils and Health Products  is to bring you the highest quality essential oils and health products. At Good Thyme we have the motto  " WE CARE". We care about our customers and how our business  positively impacts their lives. By selling the highest quality products at  affordable prices,  it gives our customers the financial freedom  to live a better and healthier life.


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