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The essential oil industry has seen a lot of changes over the last two decades. Twenty years ago, essential oils were relatively unknown in the US, and because of that, essential oil companies could set whatever price they wanted, and people would pay it--thinking they were getting what no one else could. But the truth is, essential oils have been around for thousands of years. Distilleries around the world have been in operation for decades, sometimes even hundreds of years. At the rise of several multilevel companies in the US, essential oils made their way to the forefront. Now, you'd be hard-pressed to meet someone who hasn't heard of essential oils. But in those early years, a precedence was set--the price gouging of customers. Here at Good Thyme Oils and Health Products, we refuse to be swayed by the lure of big profit margins. Essential oils are beneficial for health, they can restore function and bring a brighter future to those ravaged by disease and injury. We feel it wrong to take advantage of people who are suffering, and we feel an obligation to provide essential oils and other beneficial health products to our customers at a good, honest price.

For those of you who can afford to pay high prices and feel a loyalty to another company, you have every right to buy where you'd like and we encourage you to do so. But for those of you who are struggling to pay for essential oils needed to ease your life and the pain that often comes with it. Good Thyme Oils is here for you. We've put within reach the ability to obtain the benefits of good health without having to scrimp, save, and sacrifice.





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Our goal at Good Thyme Oils and Health Products  is to bring you the highest quality essential oils and health products. At Good Thyme we have the motto  " WE CARE". We care about our customers and how our business  positively impacts their lives. By selling the highest quality products at  affordable prices,  it gives our customers the financial freedom  to live a better and healthier life.


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